Yet Another Silex-Kitchen-Edition Fork !
Simple Silex application for testing/storing/pasting PHP, SQL, Javascript snippet

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yaskef - PHP, SQL, Javascript live interpreter

Based on a fork of the Silex-Kitchen-Edition, yaskef is a developper utility to quickly test PHP, SQL and Javascript snippets, saving them in db for later use, pasting them on pastebin.com etc.

(Initialy named PhpLive, but the name was already taken,so...)



Quick Start Guide

Edit 'resources/config/prod.php' if you want a different db, then

php console doctrine:database:create
php console doctrine:schema:load
php console user:create
php console snippet:load --force

If running on linux with sqlite3 db, ensure that the web user has write access both to the database file and his folder. For example :

chgrp www-data resources/db resources/db/prod.db
chmod g+w resources/db resources/db/prod.db

Configure your web server, pointing the DocumentRoot to PATH/TO/YOUR/APP/web

BIG Disclaimer !!

Please, don't use it on your production server !!

For more informations about the Silex-Kitchen-Edition, see the dedicated page.